Melrose City Councilor-At-Large Manisha Bewtra

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Manisha Bewtra

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Mayoral Preliminary Election: September 17, 2019

Let's build our future together.

We have an opportunity to embrace a forward-looking vision for this city. Manisha is a skilled convener, listener, negotiator, and leader. She will bring her in-depth experience as a city planner for an accountable, systems-oriented local government. As Mayor, Manisha will work with our community to strengthen what we love about Melrose as we invest in our future. 

With Manisha's Leadership:

Local policies and practices will be updated using a framework that considers their economic, environmental, health, and social equity implications. When we decide what’s best for our community and our environment, we will use a systems and data-informed approach. We will balance short-term priorities with long-term needs. 

We will take local action and demonstrate regional leadership. Even as a small city with limited resources, we can do our part to address regional and even global challenges at the local level. We will tackle housing affordability, improve the reliability of our transportation infrastructure, and reduce our city’s carbon footprint. 

We will invest in our services, facilities, and infrastructure, upgrading our systems to better serve Melrose for 2020 and beyond. Our city buildings, schools, parks, sidewalks, roads, and utilities will showcase a well cared for 21st century community. Constituents can expect convenience, responsiveness, and helpfulness from City Hall.

Our local government will communicate budget and capital improvement priorities more clearly and the public will have more opportunities to help shape these decisions. This information will be easier to access with accompanying narratives and visuals. The public will be invited to share ideas and concerns more frequently.

We will ensure a thriving Melrose by strengthening our local economy.  We will support thoughtful redevelopment to increase our tax base, allocate staff and capital resources towards economic development, streamline fee collection and permitting, and develop strategies to enhance the vibrancy of our business districts. 

We will actively support our intergenerational, diverse community. We will work towards being a place where more community members feel represented, are civically engaged, are integrated into community life, and are supported by local policies and programs.